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Sanitary Pad Initiatives in Pune


Sanitary Pad Initiatives in Pune


The Ray of Joy Foundation continues to make a meaningful difference in the lives of women in Pune through their impactful initiatives.

One more endeavour was the installation of a free sanitary pad vending machine.

Ms.Kiran Taware, a respected secretary of a renowned organization, shares her positive experience with the machine provided by the Foundation. This innovative solution ensures that women have access to sanitary pads whenever required, promoting their menstrual hygiene and overall well-being.

In addition to the vending machine, the Foundation has extended its reach to the Vijaynagar slum in Chinchwad, Pune. We distribute sanitary pads on a monthly basis to 100 ladies. This ongoing campaign has been successfully running for the past year, aiming to empower women with the essential resources they need to manage their menstrual health.

The Ray of Joy Foundation's commitment to promoting women's health and dignity resonates strongly through their efforts in Pune. By providing free sanitary pads and installing vending machines, we ensure that women have access to necessary supplies throughout the month. This comprehensive approach uplifts and empowers women, amplifying their overall well-being and supporting them in leading healthier lives.

Through these initiatives, we continue to inspire positive change and make a lasting impact in the lives of women in Pune. We drive forward the message that every woman deserves access to proper menstrual hygiene resources, regardless of their socioeconomic background.

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