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Ration Vending Machine in Pune


Ration Vending Machine in Pune


We have been trying to expand our horizons with our 3rd Ration Vending Machine in Pune

The Ray of Joy Foundation continues to widen its impact by launching its third free ration vending machine, this time in Pune. On 16th December 2023, the Foundation installed the machine at the Yamuna Nagar slum in Viman Nagar, Pune. This strategic location ensures that the machine serves as a valuable resource for the local community.

With the launch of this new vending machine, we now extend our reach to an additional 600 families every month. These families will receive 4 kilograms of wheat and rice free of cost, easing the burden of securing essential food supplies.

Overall, the Foundation is now providing free ration to over 1200 families in Pune, significantly contributing to their well-being.

This ongoing project exemplifies the Foundation's unwavering commitment to addressing food insecurity and uplifting underprivileged communities. By setting up these ration vending machines, the Foundation ensures that families in need can access basic food necessities in a dignified and convenient manner. The provision of nutritious wheat and rice not only meets their immediate needs but also supports their overall well-being.

By facilitating the distribution of free ration on a monthly basis, we honour our commitment to nurturing the lives of underprivileged families and fostering long-term change.

The launch of the third ration vending machine in Pune represents a significant milestone for us. As we continue to expand our reach and positively impact more families, we underscore our role as a catalyst for change and a beacon of hope in the community. Through our teams and volunteer’s unwavering dedication, the Foundation is making a tangible difference in the lives of those who need it most.

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