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Oxygen Cylinder Distribution


Oxygen Cylinder Distribution


In a powerful initiative to combat the challenging times, the Ray of Joy Foundation extended a helping hand to the Nikhil Polyclinic Covid Care Centre in Yerwada Nagpur Chawl.

Understanding the crucial need for oxygen support, the Foundation generously donated six Jumbo Oxygen Cylinders, ensuring that patients can access the life-saving resource they desperately require.

These cylinders have become beacons of hope for those battling Covid-19, enabling patients to receive the vital oxygen support they need to aid their recovery process. With each passing day, we witnessed the positive impact of this support, as patients gained strength and progressed towards a healthier future.

By extending our support to the Nikhil Polyclinic Covid Care Center, we reaffirmed our commitment to standing in solidarity with those affected by the pandemic. Our contribution made a tangible difference, allowing medical professionals to provide the best possible care to those who need it most.

In challenging times, acts of compassion and support like this remind us of the power of unity and collective efforts in bringing comfort and healing to our communities.

The Ray of Joy Foundation's timely intervention demonstrates the profound impact of reaching out a helping hand and restoring hope when it is needed the most.

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